A Direct Drive system with Torque motor liberates the potential for electronic regulation to achieve an immediate benefit

The absence of a gearbox means that the lion’s share of problems associated with friction, wear and cyclical drive defects are overcome.Performance can be configured according to the system specifications system within the limits of the single components that make up the Direct Drive system.The number of components and assembly costs are reduced.The simplified, symmetrical structure facilitates and simplifies the construction of adjacent systems.

The combined result leads to a substantial increase in performance that can be evaluated in one order of magnitude in terms of:

Precision of positioning and/or execution of movementsSuperior dynamic performance in the work cycles

THE LIMITS of a Direct Drive system with Torque motor are essentially associated with technical-economic considerations; it is therefore advisable to perform a careful comparative evaluation. The fundamental aspects are:

Torque – Volume – Cost

The three aspects are directly and rigidly proportional. Similarly important is the relation:

Cost – Precision – Dynamic performance

This relationship is linked to the one above and emphasizes the necessity to verify the real need for the superior performance that a Direct Drive offers as an intrinsic value, therefore the economic reason for the solution adopted is:

The greater the demand for Precision and Dynamic performance, the higher the added value of the Direct Drive solution, therefore the more justified is the Cost.