We develop “Special" Torque Motor solutions and configurations every time the client recognizes and agrees with us the need for a custom version.

The need for a “Special” Torque motor should be considered when a “Standard” solution does not meet the requirements or the limitations of an application project.

Technai’s “Special” range of motors in the electromagnetic area comes into play when the application has to meet stringent dimensional and/or functional specifications. This option should be considered after it has been established that no suitable standard products are available on the market. Designing a new motor entails a specific investment and therefore an economic profit.

In this field, Technai offers ample experience and a "portfolio" of prior projects which can potentially be built upon in order to reduce investment cost.

-SPECIAL TORQUE MOTORS in the MK-A and MK-M series

This series of motors uses “overlapping phase” and “short pitch” winding patterns; they are particularly suited to operate as “torque” servomotors in a range of speeds also encompassing the “spindle” function. An example is a “multitasking” worktable on a machine tool where the motor has to perform the function of a “milling axis” (“slow” servo-controlled rotation) in addition to the “turning spindle" function (fast rotation).

Some of our motors in the MK-M range cover performances typical of high-speed electric spindles, however in this field, we only deliver special solutions that are competitive when the specific performance cannot be achieved using standardised rotor-stator components available on the market for electric spindles.


This range of motors features the configuration of the wound stator “inside” the rotor; this engineering solution is convenient when the configuration is an advantage to the application; an example is a motorised roller on which the wound stator is mounted on the inside and the magnetic poles are mounted on the internal surface of the rotary roller.