Rotary transmission module AX series

The series of AX rotary transmission modules has been designed with the aim of providing a Direct Drive integrated solution for tilting heads with electro-spindle, commonly known as "B-axis".

The AX series of B-axis transmission modules is developed around an innovative concept of modularity, strongly engineered and characterized by the deep integration of the main components of a rotary axis for machine tools.


The key element of the project is a unit, intended as an axis drive transmission system, including the torque motor complete of cooling jacket, a support bearing with integrated high precision absolute encoder and the hydraulic clamping device. The latter is available with the option “high torque”, absolutely essential in case of indexed turning operations (3 + 2).


The range of AX rotary transmission modules in built around 2 variants, corresponding to the respective bearing diameter: AX-200 (Ø 200 mm) and AX-260 (Ø 260 mm).

Each variant can be easily equipped with different motor sizes and options, in order to make the product flexible and suitable for multiple configurations.


The result is a very interesting product to realize the 4th / 5th axis on mobile column milling machines and vertical machining centers, in a simple and competitive way thanks to the synthesis, also in the production costs, that the module allows to realize.