Transmission module MT-M series

The series of MT-M rotary axis transmission modules, thanks to the innovative and unconventional nature of the design intuition, is in fact the genesis of a new industrial component, the torque servo-motor for machine tool axes.

Up to now, in the Direct Drive actuation of a machine tool axis, the burden of integrating the motor with the other complementary functional elements, i.e. the support bearing, the encoder, the axis clamping device, the containment structure of the cooling circuit, was in charge of the machine builder. The consequence was a significant design commitment and a result deeply dependent on the quality of the selection made on these components.

The basic principle of the MT-M series rotary axes transmission modules is to extract these functional elements from the machine and associate them with the Torque motor.

And this was possible thanks to a meticulous and careful process of design and industrialization of the entire unit. The key element that allowed this paradigm shift is a special bearing, designed and built on a proprietary Technai design, able to support and incorporate the functional elements mentioned above.

Having integrated in a single "plug & play" module the Direct Drive motor, the bearing, the encoder, the clamping device and the cooling system, has given life to a new component, to something that did not exist before.

This torque servo-motor for rotary axes allows machine tool builders to configure a wide range of application solutions quickly, easily and competitively, thanks to the synthesis, also in the production costs, that the module allows to realize.

The range of MT rotary transmission modules is divided into three main sizes, corresponding to the respective stator diameter: MT-360, MT-500 and MT-660, each equipped with different lenghts and with a set of options to customize the product and make it suitable for multiple configurations and structures.