Milling head TCH-25 Pi-Greco

With the new Pi-Greco series, Technai Team reaches the fourth evolution-generation of milling heads with two orthogonal rotary axes and integrated Torque motors. The product collects and summarizes at best 25 years of proven experience in Direct Drive technology applied to the machine tool sector.

The most relevant design qualities of the new TCH-25 Pi-Greco milling head are:

  • Original and exclusive thermo-symmetric modular construction

The structural nesting of functional modules allows an optimal stiffness and thermal control of the head.

  • Design available to integrate different Electro-spindle brands selected by the customer

Technai will develop the customisation of the head without additional costs.

  • Very compact structure and Direct Drive axes configurability

The engineered project has led to a very reliable product and superior performance.


New TCH-25 Pi-Greco has been developed to be used in large portal and Gantry machine tools and is suitable for a wide range of 5-axis machining applications, typically in Aerospace and Mold and die sectors.


The product benefits from the introduction of important technical improvements, whose result has led to an increase in performance, reliability and robustness of every operating function of the head. An example is the new clamping system that guarantees very high torque and superior geometrical stability, particularly appreciated in 3+2 type of machining.


Excellent axis dynamic and high quality of milled surfaces, during execution of both roughing and finishing trajectories, complete the overview of the technical characteristics of this innovative product.