Milling head TCH-30

Two axis head with fork structure optimized for heavy 5-axis machines, integrated modules with Technai Direct Drive motors on both axis, available with electrospindles up to 12.000 rpm and 42-60 kW, HSK-A100 tool holder.


TCH 30 head is designed to equip 5-axis machines for high-productivity machining. The electrospindle generates torque of 250 Nm with HSK-A100 tool holder and maximum speed of 12.000 rpm.

TCH 30 head expresses the best balance between productivity and dynamic so it’s the best choice for 5-axis machining in which both roughing and finishing operations are required. Big gears and turbine machining in the power industry or mold and die “roughing-to-finishing” machining are typical examples of TCH 30 application.

TCH 30 head is characterized by a very stiff fork structure, the C-axis and A-axis modules are equipped with hydraulic clamping devices properly designed to absorb big milling forces generated by the electrospindle, as well as the Direct Drive motors are well designed for big milling “live axis” machining when high torques are required.