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MK-CI Torque Motors are defined as standard because they have a configuration and size equivalent to products available from other suppliers on the market. Available in 14 sizes, with nominal stator diameter of between 93 mm and 1,220 mm, and with stator core height of between 30 mm and 150 mm and maximum torque of up to 30,000 Nm.

The size range of our MK-CI motors is extensive and includes intermediate size models not found in other suppliers’ catalogues. Upon request we deliver motors with stator core heights over 150 mm, in 50 mm increments, up to a maximum height of 300 mm.

This extension improves size selection, as well as doubling the torque available within each size class.

The special advantages of the Torque Motors range are industrialized design, excellent performance and execution quality, ready availability for delivery, excellent quality for money.

With this new product range, Technai turns towards the most competitive end of the market that need Direct Drive solutions for rotary axes, offering state-of-the-art features and performance in an essential standardised configuration.