Milling head TCH-20

Two axis head with fork structure optimized for 5-axis machines, integrated modules with Technai Direct Drive motors on both axis, available with electrospindles up to 24.000 rpm and 42-60 kW, HSK-A63 or HSK-A100 tool holder.


TCH 20 head is designed to equip big 5-axis machines and shares the same electrospindles options of the TCH 19 head but is characterized by a compact structure which integrates the C-axis Direct Drive motor in the fork structure. The short distance between the spindle nose and the A-axis makes the TCH 20 suitable for a wide range of machining application:

aluminum structural parts for aerospace industry

big mold and die machining for sheet-metal forming in automotive industry

gears and turbines machining

As for model die sector, the key factors are:

Positioning precision of axis orientation with firm axis clamping and without geometrical distortions caused by clamping devices.

Excellent axis dynamic and high quality in milled surfaces roughing/finishing trajectories execution.

Thermal drift stability and control in order to obtain optimal and constant volumetric precision of the milled surfaces.

TCH 20 head fulfills all these requirements thanks to a modular structure that combines the high quality of our Direct Drive motors with an high precision mechanical execution and assembly .

Technai is proud to present the TCH heads family as the best synthesis of our long-term experience in machine tool industry.