Milling head TCH-L13 EVO


Compact and light, the TCH-L13 EVO has a monolithic structure. It uses a spindle with a HSK 63 tool interface; 27kw maximum power, 40 Nm of torque and a rotation speed of 24.000 rev/min.


The Technai TCH-L13 EVO head is designed to excel in performance finishing of sculptured surfaces, such as molds and other parts in steel, aluminium and composite materials from which the manufactorer requires dynamic services and maximum precision.

The dynamics of the two rotary axes are based on the use of Direct Drive motors that enable tool paths to be traced with ten times more precision than the heads with servo motors and mechanical gears.

The head is made with geometric quality of the highest standard: the offset of the plan drawn in the spindle rotation with a pivot radius of 500mm has an allowed tolerance of just ± 20 micrometers.

The TCH-L13 EVO head is proposed by Technai Team with the objective of offering a product that is well industrialized, reliable and competitive and that aims to establish a benchmark in the market.