Milling head TCH-U 40-50

TCH-U 40-50 head declines the concept of universal head for undercut milling operation in the full direct drive version. The product is mainly intended for the general mechanical industry and is optimized for milling machines or machining centers with vertical ram (bridge type or gantry machines).


The classic universal-head concept is well interpreted by Technai with the brand new design of TCH-U 40-50 milling head. The product achieves its performance targets thanks to integration of C and B rotary axes torque motors with a powerful electrospindle for the tool actuation.

TCH-U 40-50 is in fact equipped with 47 kW (S1), 150 Nm and 13.000 max rpm electrospindle, that is a well-balanced set of performance in order to achieve optimum production efficiency, as required in general mechanical machining. Thanks to its particular geometric configuration, the TCH-U 40-50 head is able to tilt the spindle up to 100 °, in order to perform useful undercut milling operations.

Compared to the classic universal type, the TCH-U 40-50 benefits from the advantages of embedded Direct Drive technology. At machine level this means:


• 3+2 mode machining with seamless axis orientation and clamping

• Superior dynamics and positioning accuracy

• Full 5-axes continuous machining capability


TCH-U 40-50 is a good example of modular configuration, where Functional Axes Modules are assembled into a frame that characterizes the morphology of the head.