Torque Motors

Torque Motors deliver rotary movement without mechanical transmission just as Linear Motors deliver linear movements; both are forms of Direct Drive technology.

As opposed to common servomotors, Torque motors are made up of just two functional elements: the rotor and the stator. Both elements are designed to be mechanically integrated in the system, then share the same rolling bearing of the driven axis and the same feedback encoder for position control. These components are adequately sized not only for the prevalent functions of the application but also for the functions of the motor.

Every project of a Direct Drive system with Torque motor creates a structural and functional symbiosis between the machine and its drive motor.

Technai Team’s range of Torque Motors consist of two basic families:


MK-CI Torque Motors are defined as standard because they have a configuration and size equivalent to products available from other suppliers on the market. Available in 14 sizes, with nominal stator diameter of between 93 mm and 1,220 mm, and with stator core height of between 30 mm and 150 mm and maximum torque of up to 30,000 Nm.

Special motors

We develop “Special" Torque Motor solutions and configurations every time the client recognizes and agrees with us the need for a custom version.

The need for a “Special” Torque motor should be considered when a “Standard” solution does not meet the requirements or the limitations of an application project.